Taught to Fear the Sun

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4 thoughts on “Taught to Fear the Sun

  1. Many people look into a person’s soul and those are the people I surround myself with. I try to choose my identity by what lies within my heart and not my outward appearance,. I was never very sure about myself, due to being just average in looks and being raised by a single Mom ( my dad died young and left 6 kids and Mom), and being poor.This takes time. i have, after living more and more of life, come to the conclusion that I am OKAY. I am who God made me to be, for such a tie as this; for the people He has teamed me with on this earth The struggle you talk of is not just a thing about color, but it does unite many of us who feel insecurities in life and we are OKAY and we can survive and thrive being OKAY!!! Every time we overcome obstacles in our life, we become stronger and find out, we are OKAY and a ting of beauty because God made us each unique.

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  2. It does not matter the color, the attitude or even the wealth (or not), they are the worlds cover story…we all must look inside to find our truth by shedding our fears.
    And we all fear looking within, but it is only there that the truth resides.
    Your words are from the heart…a long journey…and much wisdom 🙂

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