7 thoughts on “The Neuroscience of Memories

  1. Perfume… genius. I know that everytime I catch a whiff of a particular perfume I get transported, whether it be bad or good.

    Wonderfully written and intelligently devised.

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  2. I am trying to decipher exactly what you mean by this poem, but poetry can be taken to mean so many things. From what I understand, you wanted to imprint on the man or men in your life but it never worked in the way in which you thought it would. You always got the reverse outcome. Do you wish to put your message out there in hopes of helping a younger woman to learn from the things that you went through? Or is this self-reflection?

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    1. Thank you for your comment and extensive analysis of the poem! You did capture the poems essence. In my pursuits to be remembered by men, I ironically remembered them. I write this poem to tell the story, to ensure those to remember this ironic side of love, and as a form of self-reflection. It is was what you stated and more ❤️

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