About Joy.



My name is Joy and I am the artist, poetess, author of the poetry found on this site. My love for poetry came about full-swing  as a college sophomore while taking a creative writing class. Poetry became the essential outlet to express thoughts and emotions that would have nonetheless found an unhealthy way to fester and present itself. For that I thank poetry and all poets of this world, for without them my personal well-being  and happiness will not be where it is today.

I take great inspiration and hold incredible love for E.E. Cummings, Nayirrah Waheed,  Warsan Shire, and Sarah Kay to name just a few. These individuals have moved me deeply at one point and have inspired me to display my work.

With these poems I present my greatest vulnerabilities and joys. If a poem touches you in any way please do not hesitate in sharing the love. If sharing a poem please grant authorship where authorship is due.

It is with great fear and excitement that I present myself to you.

Much love


Instagram: @discover.joy



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