The art.


Of all artistic, literary, and personal tenets one is able to behold, simplicity is one that I hold near.

I strive to take such an approach with my writing, purposely leaving few words to convey  the essence of a poem. I yearn for readers to, even if for an instance, grasp the manner in which I express my honest emotions to the world, day to day. I want you to understand me, almost silently.

My poetry contains my greatest vulnerabilities. Every poem is based off an actual experience; whether it be a conversation, an activity, an emotion, every poem is a piece of my biography.

As  you journey through my inner workings please take notice- for every outward display of my poetry holds a purpose. Every space, indention, punctuation, capitalization is with meaning. I leave it up to you, my confidant, to unveil it.

I do hope you find a poem that speaks to you

I do hope you understand me and perhaps life better

I do hope you enjoy.

With so much love.